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Wonder Group Attended 2019 Shanghai International Automobiles Industry Exhibition

Wonder Group attended the 18th Shanghai International Automobiles Industry Exhibition on April 16 and launched the latest achievements in electrification, intelligentization and connection network. Wonder Group has devoted itself to upgrading traditional auto components while transforming to system service provider that provides electrification and intelligent solutions for automobiless over years.

“Wonder intelligent driving” is a complete intelligent driving solution integrated from driving to accident rescue. The product is mainly planned and defined by Beijing Wonder Careway Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. (subsidiary of Wonder Group) based on its existing products and service platform. The core part of the solution includes travel, driving behavior intervention, driving assistance and future autonomous driving, collision identification and trigger passive safety system and accident rescue, etc.

The interactive model car on the scene vividly shows the intelligent assistant driving scheme and process. The audience has obtained more visual understanding of the functions, installation and application of the products.

Jinzhou Halla Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., the core subsidiary of Wonder Group, showed new energy products including “three-in-one” powertrain, 48V iBSG and auto electronic pump, etc. With the rapid development and popularization of new energy automotive technology, Jinzhou Halla has determined development strategy for the transformation and upgrading towards environmental protection and zero emission. Based on the advancement and reputation of Halla in the field of traditional motors, the “three-in-one” powertrain has attracted wide attention in the market.

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